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Escapees RV Club Benefits & Services

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Xscapers is a lifestyle group within the Escapees RV Club membership. Becoming a member of Escapees provides you with a total support network along with access into the Xscapers community. Here some of the great benefits you will recieve for an annual membership due of $39.95

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Escapees RV Club has so many great benefits to offer because we have been perfecting our club for nearly 40 years. We know what you need to flourish in this lifestyle, and we’ve brought it all together into a single package - an Escapees membership.

A point of pride for Escapees is our RV Advocacy Coalition. We aim to alert RVers to potential problems,so they may prepare for changes.

Escapees Mail Forwarding Service—have it your way! We’re the largest private mail service in the nation, and the most flexible. You can set your own schedule and decide which mail you receive. 

Ues your Escapee mail forwarding address as a legal domicile. You have the freedom to choose between a Texas, South Dakota, or Florida mailing address, allowing you to domicile in any of these states.

Our job board came about through the formation of Xscapers. List open positions, or upload your resume and get connected.

To help you find these parks, we offer our Escapees Travel Guide. This is a digital catalog of all of our discount parks, as well as our commercial members around the country. We have incorporated the guide into our web-based mapping tool, helping you plan your route, and your discounts,
from A to B!

We’ve partnered with the best in the field to offer a comprehensive benefits program. Simply put, if we don’t offer a service, we’ve partnered with companies we know will take care of you.

Our memberships lets you save on valuable RV related service and clubs such as Fulltime Familes, Roadside Assistance, Harvests Hosts and many more.

Escapees owns 7 RV parks, referred to as our Rainbow Parks. In addition to these, we have a vast network of discount parks across the US, Canada, and Mexico. These parks offer a 15% to 50% discount.

You're relaxing under a hot shower one moment, then frantically turning off the icy flow as you reach for your towel. What happened?! Our knowledge and educational resources can help you find and fix this problem and many more, freeing your time for more important things.

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or just purchasing your first rig, our RVers’ Boot Camp will build your skills and enhance your knowledge. We teach you what you need to know about RV operation, safety, and maintenance.

We’ll educate and entertain you during this annual five-day event. Our seminars and workshops will help you get the most value, fun, and adventure out of your RV investment.

Do you know if you're overweight? You should! Our program provides accurate, individual wheel weights for your RV, towables, and tow vehicle. This is different than standard scales, which offer only your total weight. Knowing how much each wheel carries enables you to determine if your rig is balanced.

Head to our website, www.escapees.com, to access your member account and benefits. Change your mailing instructions, find a discount park, and sign up for events all through our website. Manage all aspects of your Escapees membership with a few simple clicks. 

Our bimonthly Escapees magazine is 88 pages packed with useful, entertaining and specialized information on all aspects of RVing. You will find technical tips, RV maintenance information, safety education, and advice from full-time RVers and industry experts.

We’ve got that, too! Probably the greatest benefit of your membership is the friendships you will form with others who share your lifestyle. Escapees are a Special Kind of People who share the RV way of life. RVing the Escapees way gives you a support network that will enrich your travels through companionship with those who understand your values and treasure your friendship.

Convergences are events provided for the Xscapers community. The atmosphere is conducive for those working on the road. Convergences tend to be scheduled around standard business hours, allowing working RVers to more easily balance work and play.

Want to join the RV community but don’t know where to start? Got a problem and need some help? Want to share your love of RVing with others? Join our friendly and active online RVing community on the Escapees Discussion Forum (www.rvnetwork.com).

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