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Birds of a Feather

Escapees BOF groups share lifestyle interests such as boondocking, working on the road, disaster relief, biking and hiking, boomers, amateur radio, pet lovers, solos, and quilters, just to name a few! Expand your talents and share your knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are welcome. Join a BOF! If there isn't a BOF focused on your special interest, it's easy to start one, and Escapees will help you get the word out.

Manuals and forms are located here.

Alternative Medicine BOF

Amateur Radio BOF

Bikes, Boots, 'N Paddles BOF

Boomer BOF

Boondocking BOF

Buffs BOF

Christian Fellowship BOF

Computer BOF

Disaster Operations Volunteer Escapees BOF

Escapees RV Club Elk BoF

First Responders BOF

Freethinkers BOF

Friends of Bill BOF

Fulltiming Graduating Class BOF

Genealogy BOF

GeoCache BOF

Jammers BOF

Line Dancers Unite BOF

Nomads BOF

Penwheels BOF

Petlovers BOF

Prospecting and Metal Detecting BOF

Quiltlovers BOF

SKP Photographers BOF

SOLOS - The Escapees Singles Club BOF

Sowers BOF

Square Dancing BOF

Stonewall BOF

Wheels of Progress BOF

Woodcarvers BOF

Worldwide Travelers BOF

Escapees Birds of a Feather (BOF) groups are a great way to find members that enjoy the same hobbies or interests that you do. And if there isn’t a group, you can start one!

A BOF group is made up of people who share a common interest. They are not a chartered chapter because they are in no specific geographical area, but they are similar in that they meet at each Escapade, may hold rallies, and generally have their own newsletter. They are more informal than chapters and do not require bylaws and officers, but must abide by directives and be approved by National.

Some BOFs meet only at Escapades, while others also hold rallies between Escapades. There is no charge to join a BOF, although most require a small fee to receive their newsletter if they publish one. Certified groups (CBOFs) are larger, have officers and generally require a minimal fee to join.

Start Your Own BOF

A formation meeting may be held at an Escapade or, if you would like to start a new BOF prior to an Escapade, you may send your information to the BOF coordinator for approval. You need to provide the name of your proposed special-interest group, a brief description, and a contact name and address for interested members to contact. Send Your Idea to: Escapees RV Club BOF Coordinator 100 Rainbow Drive, Livingston, TX 77351 E-mail Simple Starter Kit BOF Kit - We have created a simple kit to help you form your group. It includes ideas for keeping your group active, the rules for certification, the BOF directives, and more! Some ideas for starting a BOF group: It needs a theme or topic. It needs an organizer and leader (they do not need to be the same person). It needs a time and a place (with the required facilities) to get together. It needs a method for communicating the idea to other Escapees members. A BOF group may consist of members of a larger group that is not associated with the Escapees Club; however, all of the members of the BOF group must be Escapees members (e.g. Elks, Christian Fellowship, and the Friends of Bill W.). The primary activity of the group is not allowed to be the marketing or selling of a product. The subject of a BOF group must not be in conflict with any of the rules of Escapees RV Club. Most group ideas are accepted, provided they are not “hate-related” or currently covered by another BOF group, and have a theme that will be of interest to a significant number of members.