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The RVers Ultimate Survival Guide (CD Only)
The RVers Ultimate Survival Guide (CD Only)


The RVer's Ultimate Survival Guide Second Edition

This truly essential book on RV safety was written by an RVer for RVers to provide a one-stop compendium of factual information. In this comprehensive text, Neil W. Lekander discusses the myriad of technical issues facing the RVer today. An avid RVer of more than 40 years, covering more than 300,000 miles of America’s roads, who worked for 32 years in the tire industry, Lekander has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise he eagerly shares with readers. The RVer’s Ultimate Survival Guide is designed to enhance your RVing experience by making it safer, more secure and more economical. You’ll gain an understanding of the skills and knowledge required to live and travel safely in your RV: weight safety and load management, safe driving, towing, electrical and propane safety, RV motor fuel and personal safety.

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CD-ROM version of the full book in PDF format. Printable, scalable and easy to read; requires Adobe Acrobat®

Lowest cost, best value and highly recommended for RVs due to weight considerations