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RV Advocacy

Xscapers RV Advocacy Coalition

Become a part of the Xscapers’ RV Advocacy Coalition and band with the voice of the Escapees organization to help the RV community as a whole. We aim to alert RVers to potential problems, organize grassroots campaigns and push for solutions before detrimental laws are instituted.

Escapees has earned its reputation as being a leading advocate for RVers’ rights. Over the past 35 years, Escapees has fought to uphold full-time RVers’ right to vote, defeated unfair RV-specific taxes, protected overnight parking rights, and stood up to city, county, state, and federal regulations that hinder our personal freedoms.

Also, add your voice so we can let manufacturers, companies, employers and government agencies know that we’re a demographic not to be ignored. Together we have the ability to help with regulatory issues, healthcare, employment, insurance, and more.


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Is there an issue that you think we should look into? Submit it below and Escapees will check it out!